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Most recent scientific studies show that inactiveness is a risk factor which is almost as dangerous as smoking. Physical activity, besides burning fats and toxins in excess, has also a very important function of recreation and unloading of accumulated stresses: in fact, it has been shown that an intensive muscular activity stimulates the production of endorphin and serotonin, substances that are able to increase our Energy tone and improve your mood. For this reason you must choose a sport that you really like, practising it regularly just if it were a remedy prescribed by your doctor. The best choice would be yoga, where the muscular lengthening, internal massage of the organs, breathing and meditation are optimized through a millenary experience. Now, let’s see the indications of the main sports:

SWIMMING: if practised on its own or associated with aquagym, it is the most recommended activity for a harmonious development of the body, with the great advantage to improve the circulation of the veins and lymphs as well as to effectively oppose cellulitis. A sport that practically does not have any contraindications, that can be practiced at every age, also people with overweight or back problems (in water you exercise in absence of weight, without any risk to overload the joints or any risk of falling).

DANCING: for those that can not do without fun, dancing is very good, from classical dancing to swing and latin-american dancing. It is an excellent aerobic activity, it helps to socialize and has excellent effects on your character and mood. It does not have any particular contraindications and can also be practiced in old age.

JOGGING: running on foot develops the cardiorespiratory capacities and resistance, it is important not to overdo. People with knee or hip problems should prefer swimming, in order to avoid t repeated micro-traumas on the joints caused by running.

TENNIS: thrilling and excellent to vent any anger by hitting the ball, it is however an asymmetric sport and should be integrated with some gym exercises.

CYCLING: very nice, however it especially develops the legs and should be integrated with some exercises for the upper part of the body.

SKIING: mainly develops the legs, but it puts us in contact with pure moutain air, which is most important in our superpolluted world nowadays.

GOLF: excellent for those that do not tollerate excessive efforts, it allows you to burn fats with long walks. Interesting at every age, it requires a lot of free time.

FOOTBALL: very exciting and popular, it helps you to let off some steam and agression, however it is rather traumatic with frequent accidents.

VOLLEYBALL: a sport of great agonism, a bit traumatic for your fingers and ankles.

AEROBICS: excellent if done properly, without exaggerating, if you are not so young or if you lack regular training.

BODYBUILDING: if done under the careful guide of an experienced personal trainer, it improves osteoporosis and sometimes helps to solve inferiority complexes due to excessive thinness. Be careful not to overdo, because the muscles loose suppleness, the joints and tendons are subject to excessive loads; also avoid taking any “gruels” of dubious origin and the most hazardous and prohibited anabolic hormons.

MARTIAL ARTS: suitable for those who intend sport as a vent of stress, with intensive training that does not only enhance the power and agility, but also self-control. Although not suitable for people in old age, martial arts that are practiced with dedication are however an excellent cure for our uncertainties and inferiority complexes.

Particular recommendations for women : as women tend to be more voluminous under the waist, some bodybuilding on the shoulders and chest would help to fill the upper part of the body. On your legs instead, a toning activity like twitches and jumps would help or even better swimming and acquagym which, as mentioned before, would help the circulation of the veins and lymphs and thus slim ankles and calves and reduce the accumulated fat.


·         Look after your nutrition, that is the first cause of illness.

·         Fight stress by adjusting the work rates to an acceptable level

·         Seek the maximum calm at any time

·         Practise a muscular lengthening activity every day, to keep suppleness and agility

·         Practise regularly a sport that you like

·         Seek the contact with nature and fresh air as much as possible

·         Wake up early in the morning and do not go to sleep too late at night

·         Keep regular life rhythms in order not to alter the biorythms of the body

·         Try to prevent illnesses by means of regular medical checkups

·         Avoid any abuse of medecins and nurse, if possibile, with a specific nutrition and natural remedies